Webinar Investment Outlook 2021

Jan 2021
MCP Investment Team

For Professional Investors only

Investment Outlook 2021: Opportunities and Threats in Emerging Markets

LIVE-Stream: 20 January 2021The Investment Team provides an update on performance and engagement for the Mobius Emerging Markets Fund and the Mobius Investment Trust and introduces the new ESG+Culture reporting framework. From January 2021, MCP is reporting on the progress the portfolio is making in areas such as diversity, ESG reporting, company culture and board independence on a quarterly basis. During the webinar, China expert, Arthur Kroeber, joins from Beijing to talk about China’s economy and what to expect from China over the coming years.Please email Anna von Hahn at anna@mobiuscapitalpartners.com should you have any questions or would like further information.[embed]https://vimeo.com/504528909[/embed]