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Mobius Capital Partners is an emerging and frontier markets asset manager offering an innovative private equity approach to public markets. Supported by a first-class investment team, Mobius Capital Partners is focused on a single long-only strategy based on actively partnering with portfolio companies to improve their corporate governance and to deliver a clear ESG pathway.

News & Insights

  • Mobius Investment Trust: AGM 2021 Webinar
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    5th May 2021 by Carlos Hardenberg/Mark Mobius
  • Introducing ESG+Culture
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    31st March 2021 by Usman Ali/Maximilian Sporer
  • ‘We cannot “see” corporate culture but it has a clear impact on returns’
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    19th March 2021 by ESG Clarity/Usman Ali
  • Target top employers to beat the stock market
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    11th February 2021 by Jonathan Jones/The Telegraph
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The Funds

Our investment products provide investors with access to our highly specialised active investment strategy. The Mobius Emerging Market Fund and the Mobius Investment Trust plc (“MMIT“) invest in small and mid-capitalisation companies in emerging and frontier market companies with a sound business model and potential for operational and ESG improvements.

The Mobius Emerging Markets Fund

An open-ended SICAV fund registered in Luxembourg.

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The Mobius Investment Trust PLC (“MMIT“)

A newly established closed-ended investment company which has successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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Slide Background Follow the below link to see Mark's FundForum Asia Interview which is taking place on 21 April. https://t.co/jxhcYlw3Pa [https://t.co/jxhcYlw3Pa https://t.co/jxhcYlw3Pa Slide Background In our latest post, Investment Team members @UsmanA1993 and Max Sporer write about the challenges of reporting on #Environment, #Social, #Governance and #Culture factors across the portfolio and introduce our new ESG+C factsheet (https://t.co/TlpbHl48Q7). https://t.co/TlpbHl48Q7). https://t.co/TlpbHl48Q7). Slide Background “Target top employers to beat the stock market” MCP’s Usman Ali & Carlos Hardenberg spoke to Jonathan Jones at @Telegraph about the importance of corporate culture for the success of companies. https://t.co/rrMX57Dc18 #ESG #ESGplusC #corporateculture #investing Slide Background We are looking to hire a highly motivated Investment Analyst who will work closely with the founders and the investment team. For the full job description please visit our website: https://t.co/metrnyALQA #jobs #recruitment #investing #ESG Slide Background MCP's Carlos Hardenberg talks to Holly Black at Morningstar about the opportunities that especially smaller #emergingmarkets companies offer https://t.co/JAl8n3HHrg Slide Background Interactive Investor Fund Spotlight: Mobius Investment Trust provides exposure to exciting high-growth opportunities in the emerging and frontier markets space. https://t.co/CeO1yQfaQE via @ii_couk #EmergingMarkets #valuecreation #opportunity Slide Background MOBIUS INVESTMENT TRUST:A fund like no other https://t.co/lAyjCZSrcl @ThisIsMoney @jeffprestridge talks with MCP’s @MobiusEmerging about MMIT.'No 'me-too' #EmergingMarkets #trust. Hardenberg prefers companies that are much earlier in their corporate journey and backs them big' Slide Background Check out Interactive Investor's recommendation of the Mobius Investment Trust (https://t.co/4NokWmNiH4) on their "Super 60" list: https://t.co/4NokWmNiH4) #ESG #emergingmarkets #activeownership @ii_couk @MarkMobiusReal https://t.co/4NokWmNiH4)
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