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¹ The Engagement breakdown is for Q4 2020 and is based on 107 engagements in the fields of Environment, Social, Governance, Culture and Operations and Capital Allocation issues

²  As part of the ESG+C assessment four different dimensions are assessed:

Environmental: entails factors like climate change, natural resources, pollution & waste as well as environmental opportunities

Social: refers to factors such as human capital, product liability, and social opportunities

Governance: refers to the reporting methods, the ownership structure as well as checks and balances

Culture: contains factors like the degree of freedom, equality, recruitment, innovation, and remuneration

³   Portfolio companies are assessed on a binary basis whether they do or do not comply with the assessed metric. The number of companies complying with the metric is expressed as a percentage of the portfolio

⁴   The determined company percentages are weighted according to their weight in the portfolio. The weighted average is reported as a percentage of the portfolio

⁵   External CDP Score: The Carbon Disclosure Project increases environmental transparency and accountability of companies and enables progress tracking. The scoring ranges from A, A- to B. B- to C, C- to D, D- and F

⁶   Sustainable Development Goals: Out of the 13 portfolio companies reporting on the united nations sustainable development goals, the top 3 goals are selected

⁷   Founder/Family-Owned Companies: Reports the percentage of portfolio companies with the family or founder holding 5% or more

⁸   Blockinvestor: Refers to an individual or organization owning a substantial amount of the company’s shares. The hurdle rate is set at 15%

⁹   Dedicated Investor Relations Professional: Reports companies as a percentage of the portfolio having appointed an employee responsible for investor relations

¹⁰ Dedicated Sustainability Professional: Reports companies as a percentage of the portfolio having a dedicated employee in charge of the company’s sustainability activities

¹¹ External Glassdoor Score: Glassdoor is one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites providing scores for companies ranging from 0 to 5. The Portfolio score is the average of 22 available scores among the portfolio